We can carry out an Air Conditioning Re-gas, service or repair in house at our Workshop. We are City and Guilds qualified and follow the correct procedures for the removal of the refrigerant R134a R12 and R1234yf other Refrigerants.

Full Re-gas – Includes: Current system check, vacuum system, replace refrigerant to the correct amount, add oil and UV dye.

We can offer many other services like Pressure testing, Leak detection, Fault finding, Electronic diagnostics, Electrical repairs, parts supplied and fitted at very reasonable rates.

We also cater for the older R12 systems, we can carry out all the above procedures on the less common systems and we have a replacement refrigerant option to keep your system in use with the factory look..

Full A/C Re-Gas – R134a, R1234yf & R12 systems

Pressure Test

Leak Detection

Fault Finding / System Diagnosis

A/C Electrics

R12 Systems

Pre 1993 – R12 system. This is the older A/C system and is now illegal to refill with R12. There are 2 options with this system which are to convert the system to the R134A, which mean changing rubber seals, rubber pipework, service ports and possibly the compressor. The other option is to use a replacement refrigerant known as RS24, this allows you to keep your original parts but use the modern equivalent of the refrigerant.

1994 Onwards – R134A system. This is the modern A/C system which is fitted to all later vehicles and can be serviced to it best on average every 2 years.

R1234yf Systems

R1234yf systems are found on the newer vehicles from around 2014 onwards, not all models have this Refridgerant it is only a select few but we can service and Re-Gas these systems in house just like the other air conditioning systems.

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