ACE Auto Electrics specialises in ECU Remapping and DPF Problems, we can tune ECU’s through the OBD Port and off the vehicle but it’s becoming more popular and easier to tune cars via the OBD socket.

Some of the newer vehicles from around 2009 onwards have ECU’s such as the Bosch EDC17 & MED17 using an Infineon Tricore processor have to be tuned off the vehicle, some tuners say these have “tuning protection” and cannot be done but that’s not the case, Here at ACE we have the equipment to do this safely and correctly.

When tuning an ECU we connect your Vehicle or ECU to our laptop via an interface which allows us to access the ECU’s memory and read the data stored. We then take a copy of the original ECU data and save this on our system to allow us to put the vehicle back to standard if needed in the future, from there we open the data file in another program to make the changes to things like, boost pressure, fuelling, ignition timing and others. Once this is complete we then reprogram your ECU with this new data file and the correct changes made for your vehicle.

The changes that are made can be for Economy, Performance or a mixture of Both.


The benefits from an economy remap are an improvement in MPG, dependent on your driving style can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, at the same time reducing your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, increased torque,  smother drive and less flat spots.

An economy tune is ideal for those drivers who want better MPG from their vehicle, a slight increase in power and torque and a smoother drive in general, we can tailor this to your needs.


The benefits for a performance remap are increased Power and Torque, sharper acceleration and throttle response, improved towing ability, increased  MPG and overall smother drive.

A performance tune is essential for drivers who want their vehicle to live up to its full potential and for those drivers who want to maximise their driving pleasure, the changes we make will be to get the best power delivery from your vehicle without compromising engine wear or damage, we will only increase the power to what we call a safe amount.

We can also offer DPF solutions for your vehicle, we can cover most vehicles for this service saving you a small fortune on a new DPF.

To see all the vehicles we cover please take a look at our vehicles list page, we try to keep this list up to date but if you dont see you vehicle on there contact us by email or tel.

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