Q – How long does it take to remap a vehicle?

A – It takes about 2 to 3 hours to carry out the full process depending on the vehicle.

Q – What vehicles can be remapped?

A – Most vehicles from 2000 onwards can be remapped, some earlier models are possible depending on the ECU.

Q – What happens to the fuel consumption?

A – Fuel consumption can be increased on most vehicles, especially turbo diesel these see the best gains.

Q – What if I am not happy with the remap or changes to the vehicle?

A – If your not happy with the changes, we keep all original files to allow us to put your vehicle back to its standard settings.

Q – Remapping over a tuning box?

A – Remapping your ECU changes the settings for your individual vehicle and can adapted to suit your driving style, where as a tuning box increases the fuel into the engine by telling the ECU it’s colder than it is, causing problems in the future.

Q – Will remapping my car affect the warranty of the vehicle?

A – Remapping your E.C.U is 99% untraceable when this is done through the diagnostic socket but if found could affect the warranty.

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